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Dave Rogenmose
Dave Rogenmoser - Founder, Proof
Wow. Just had an amazing call with Impact Media Co. about webinar strategies. These guys know their stuff and blew my mind with some of the strategies we can deploy using webinars and just their overall knowledge of the marketing process. If anyone is looking for help with their marketing, I can highly recommend them.
Cliff Freeman
Cliff Freeman - Founder & CEO, The Cliff Freeman Group Brokered by eXp
I just wanted to give a shout out to my friends at Impact Media, Mark and Josh. Man, they are so on top of things. I hired these guys about a little over a year ago and they have literally helped me explode my agent attraction business. And I am so grateful to meet them. I didn't have a clue. I didn't know anything about funnels and strategies and so forth. And these guys put together a turnkey system for me that is absolutely turned it up! So if you're looking for an unbelievable digital marketing company, and you haven't heard of these guys - it's Mark McManus and Josh Ellis at Impact Media. These guys will change your life. I mean they are fantastic. Hope you guys have a great day. Mark, Josh, Thank you so much for everything you do for me.

Blake Hammerton
Kellen Vaughan - CEO, Next Level Loan Officers
We've been using Impact Media, Mark and Josh, for about nine months now. I can tell you when my partners and I first created our concept, Next Level Loan Officers, we were very confident in our ability to help loan officers grow their business. That's what we know. We know how the mortgage industry works. And we know how to help people in that industry. What we didn't know was how to help our concept grow. Both through events, through social media, through digital marketing. All of those things were well outside of our wheelhouse. We were actually referred to Impact Media by a dear friend of ours. We sat down and we met with Josh and Mark and we knew within the first hour of meeting with them that these were the guys to partner with. They're genuine. They're extremely knowledgeable about this area, which we were not. They understand how all of this digital marketing works together. So whether it's generating traffic, getting new client consultations, building out events, they have been instrumental in our success and the growth that Next Level has seen in a very short amount of time. I can 100%, without reservation recommend them and their group, Impact Media, to anybody who might be considering bringing on a partner, and a true partner, to help them in their digital marketing space. Again, they've been instrumental to our growth. I can tell you that we wouldn't be where we are today without them and their knowledge. 

Lake Price
Lake Price - Head of Business Development, 4x4 Construction
Impact Media Co. did an amazing job re-creating our very dated website and making it into a best-in-class place to showcase our business. They have in-depth knowledge of the latest and greatest tools and techniques to not only make a fantastic site that is easy to navigate and very eye-catching, but to also raise our search results significantly which has undoubtedly helped our business grow. I highly recommend Impact Media Co.
Nick Fisher
Nick Fisher - Marketing Director, Clever Investor
As someone who writes an email per day and sends over a billion emails per year, I’m pretty picky with whom I listen to for email marketing advice. I’m humbled to say after talking to the guys over at Impact Media Co. for 5 minutes, they suggested a tactic that doubled the open and reply rate of my previous top performing email.
Josh Berner
Josh Berner - Founder, Colossus Painting
We hired Impact Media Co. to re-define our web presence and help with our site ranking issues. We explained what we would like, but left 90 % open to their creativity. They took the challenge and ran with it. We have a great site, and everyone we talk to loves it, and comments on what a nice site it is and most importantly, it converts customers. They also host our site and take care of everything for us. We really feel like they are our online business consultant to help with us guide our company past our competition. Thanks, Impact Media Co.
Charlotte Ellis
Charlotte Ellis - Co-Founder, Vela Boutique (UK)
These guys are legend at this marketing stuff!
Megan Harrison
Megan Harrison - CEO, Megan Harrison Consulting
Impact Media Co. did an amazing job copywriting for my business. After wasting thousands of dollars numerous times, working with other so-called “copywriters“, I’ve finally found a company that not only executes on great writing but also understands the intricacies of marketing strategy and direct response copywriting which is a true rarity.
Jay Kinder
Jay Kinder - CEO, NAEA
Mark is an incredible leader and excels at execution. There is nobody that I’ve had the privilege of working with that would receive a higher recommendation. He leads by example and changes the lives of the people he leads. I would trust him to lead my people, my company, or my project without hesitation.
Blake Hammerton
Blake Hammerton - Creative Director, The Sharp Gentleman
Josh has an incredible knowledge of email marketing, conversion, and buyer relationship management. His logic around marketing communicating is so refreshing because it gives me the chance to make real, measurable changes to my marketing without any sugar-coating. I’ve worked with many other marketing managers and “experts” that spent more time feeding me bologna than helping me reach my goals. These guys don’t like bologna. They like results. I highly recommend these guys for marketing consultation and any online sales process creation.
Ellen Dechant
Ellen Dechant - Director of Operations, CityScape Metro
Hi, my name is Ellen Dechant. My official title is Director of Operations for one of the biggest growing Real Estate teams in Northern Virginia. I began my working relationship with Impact Media Co. roughly over a year ago. At the time, my team was made up of very few, but very dedicated individuals wanting to make an ‘impact’ on the Real Estate market. 

Our CEO, John Murdock, was the person that introduced me to Impact Media Co., and this began our journey onward and upward. From the start of working together, Impact Media has completely fulfilled all of our expectations, and then some. We started with a few small ideas that Impact Media took and ran with, perfected into an absolute science then built out campaigns for our database. 

Looking at where we started, and where we are at now, I honestly can say it would not have been possible without Impact Media and the amazing support that comes with them. New campaigns mean new problems- Let me tell you about customer support. Whether the unavoidable glitches were noticed on our end, or Impact Media picked up on it, there was a fix created almost instantly. Waiting on hold for an automated robot doesn’t happen- working with Impact Media means you’re calling an actual person. 

From the beginning, though we had a slim build, we had the vision to grow our team, we just needed the right support team. Without a doubt, our team’s success and growth would not have been achievable without Impact Media. As a growing team, you need constant communication, advice, and support. I can honestly say that if I called Josh Ellis, co-founder of Impact Media, any time of day, my call would either be answered or I’d get a follow-up text within minutes. Support doesn’t give Impact Media justice. 

They go above and beyond. These guys are absolute geniuses but have no problem dumbing it down for the less knowledgeable, and do so in a way that you don’t feel stupid. Impact Media has been an integral part of our success. They have brought all of our ideas to fruition and implemented them in such a way that it guarantees success. If I were to rate them out of five stars, I’d give 100!
Cause & Effect
Marketing = Science > Art
We believe Marketing is more science than art. We see problems different than most. We don’t believe that “hope” should be used in a marketing strategy. We believe that all successes and failures have a cause and effect relationship. It’s our job to understand the relationships, identify the problems, and solve those problems.
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