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Troy Aikmen - Hall of Fame Quarterback, Entrepreneur
"Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary. I know you're helping a lot of business grow and I look forward to seeing you guys continue to grow into the future".
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Our company was founded in July 2017. In its initial weeks, the company went through various name changes, Caffeine Venture Media, DigiBerry to name a few of the less desirable names. It wasn't until Mark McManus and Josh Ellis were having a conversation about the goal of the company did the name reveal itself. 

Today, Impact Media Co. has evolved into a top-tier, full service market agency that helps businesses realize their potential and achieve their vision. Since 2017, the company has remained a boutique agency that's successfully executed 500+ strategic marketing initiatives. 
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We bring a combined 25 years of marketing and business experience. We're masters of execution and genuinely care about the outcomes we drive for our clients. We understand that business can be tough and unpredictable. We strive to bring a level of certainty to the areas of your business that otherwise may not exist. We push the limits to stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends and technologies to make your goals a reality. We believe that it's in your best interest to focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.
Our Mission is to give freedom of ownership and growth back to 50+ business owners in 2019 by breaking down a marketing strategy that helps bridge the gap between where they're at and where they want to be. A strategy, that once executed, will allow the business owners to break loose from the chains of clutter and confusion that come with digital marketing in today’s business climate.
Our Core Values.
1. We believe that great marketing strategy is born in science, not art.
5. We believe in leading by example.
2. We believe in enjoying the journey while taking the outcome seriously.
6. We believe in the value of loyalty.
3. We believe in mass collaboration over self-preservation.
7. We believe in the lifelong learning, and the pursuit of craft mastery.
4. We believe in rooting for the underdog (TDEK).
8. We believe in decisions based on data. 
Our client success is our success.
Our marketing strategy is profoundly simple: Get our clients life changing results and the rest will take care of itself.

At Impact Media Co. you won’t hear about our "guru" status, or see any photos of us in bling. We're humble and driven. We dedicate our time and effort to helping our clients and we let their results speak for us.

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